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Ali Scott
(812) 339-1195

Jammber Teams up with ADP to Add Sleek Payroll and HR Functionality to its Platform for Creative Industry Professionals

Jammber, the innovator in entertainment industry project management and payment solutions, is teaming up with payroll and HR leaders ADP to create a seamless way for music and other entertainment professionals to pay--and get paid.

In the past, musicians and other creatives had to wait months, if not years, to receive payment for studio or other creative work (if the check arrived at all). Though many industry players work in good faith, the complex and repetitive paperwork and documentation often make payroll a nightmare for the business. Jammber has made it their mission to transform this process, knowing expertise from major players would bring faster transformation.

“We’ve been working hard to make it easy to do what was very complicated for too many years in our industry,” explains Jammber CEO Marcus Cobb. “Partnering with ADP demonstrates our level of commitment to creating a trustworthy, highly efficient way to track and pay for work.”

Jammber has worked with ADP to adapt the payroll specialist’s platform specifically to entertainment industry needs. This white-label partnership will help Jammber roll everything related to a project--from who was in the studio to who needs what tax form--into a one-stop shop. Instead of heading to one platform for metadata entry, one for payroll, and one for calendar or contract management, industry pros can simply log into Jammber. No more endless open tabs or session timeouts, no more lost paperwork.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Jammber, and look forward to helping this organization strive in their business mission,” remarks Nicole Halim, ADP’s District Manager.

Jammber currently serves labels, producers, publishers, and management companies, an expanding customer base tired of the tangles caused by analog paperwork and complex project management tasks. Early letters of intent have been received from award-winning producers and labels from Sony Nashville, Warner Nashville, and Big Machine Label Group.

“We are striving to do what few have attempted before: to create a clear solution that cuts through the murk and inefficiency that’s plagued creative industries like the music business,” muses Cobb. “With great partners like ADP, we’re succeeding, and this stands to benefit everyone involved, from session players and engineers to die-hard fans.”

About Jammber

Jammber is a pioneering platform serving the creative industries with simplified, intuitive ways to track credits, payments, and paperwork in one single, handy place. Based in Chicago and Nashville, the company got its start at the Project Music accelerator, quickly acquiring over $1.2M  in investor funding. Now available to the public, its early clients include Brooklyn Basement Records and Grammy-nominated producer Dave Brainard, and there are more to come. Dozens of letters of intent have been received by top players in the industry including Sony Nashville, Warner Nashville, Big Machine Label Group, and 7 time Grammy award-winning producer Reid Shippen.