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Jammber's New Splits App Helps Songwriters Divide Up Royalties

For songwriters and other creators, keeping track of collaborators and dividing royalties on songs can be a pain. Music payment and workflow management platform Jammber wants to make it easier with Splits, its new end-to-end royalty management app.

The app has three main components: Tracking the people who work on a song and their ownership percentage; automatically registering that song to their PRO, SoundExchange, and the Harry Fox Agency; and collecting royalties via its Jammber Money service. The mission is to make payment both simpler and quicker.

While other companies have launched similar apps -- like Create Music Group's identically-named SPLITS -- Jammber claims that its own app is the first to offer built-in song registration, a process that costs $0.50 per song. It's also available in multiple languages: English, Spanish and French.

“The song is at the center of the universe of music, and ownership is at the center of the song. It drives recognition, powers payments and royalties and even inspires further creation. When people are creating music together, the conversations around ownership are incredibly nuanced," says Jammber co-founder and CEO Marcus Cobb. "At Jammber we want to continually demonstrate how the psychology of great design can simplify complicated tasks and empower creatives and the entire industry to be more efficient. The idea of writing a song with your friends one moment and registering it to get paid the next moment from the palm of your hand was thought to be impossible until now.”

Jammber Acquires TuneRegistry to Simplify DIY Royalty Management
The app also includes access to split sheets for composition, recording and more; a "follower" feature for easy sharing and PDF exports; and the ability to upload audio files and chat in the app with collaborators.

Splits is free and available now for iOS and Android. The announcement follows Jammber's acquisition over the summer of music rights management company TuneRegistry, which saw TuneRegistry co-founder/CEO Dae Bogan move to Jammber as senior vp, global music rights, and presumably provided infrastructure to launch Splits.